More than 4,000 PS4 games and old peripherals will work on PS5

We finally got a full rundown—and it was worth the wait.

Screengrab via Sony

A little over a month before the PlayStation 5 is set to release, Sony has finally provided some clarification on how backward compatibility will work between the next-gen console and players’ PS4 libraries. 

The biggest news to come out of this update is that players will have access to their entire PS4 digital library on PS5 as long as the games are playable on the new system. 

This means that you won’t need to worry about purchasing some games a second time if you want to play them on next-gen hardware. All you’ll need to do is sign in with the same PlayStation Network account that you used on PS4 and all of your compatible games should appear in your game library.

Playing a PS4 game on PS5 using a disc will simply require you to install the game on the new console. Any updates will also need to be completed prior to accessing it. 

You’ll even be able to transfer digital games and saved data from your PS4 to PS5 if you connect them both to the same Wi-Fi network and use the data transfer function in your system settings. 

As previously confirmed, a majority of the PS4’s 4,000-plus game catalog will be playable on the PS5. Though some titles, such as Hitman Go: Definitive Edition, that are being labeled as “PS4 only games” by Sony will be excluded from that list. 

And just because a PS4 game is playable on PS5 doesn’t mean that all of its functionalities will still be available. For example, some games might have errors that occur due to limitations caused by the hardware swap, which can lead to unexpected behavior in gameplay. 

As a bonus, most DualShock 4 and PS4 peripherals will still work with the PS5, just with some limitations. This includes various arcade sticks, racing wheels, flight sticks, headsets, and more. The older Platinum and Gold headsets will no longer work with the headset companion app, though.

You can read more about the various limitations that might come from using PS4 peripherals on PS5 and a full list of games that won’t be compatible with the next-gen console by going to the official PlayStation Support website.