Microsoft introduces new Pulse Red Xbox wireless controller

Xbox players have a new color option to enjoy.

Image via Microsoft

Xbox Series X and S players will soon have a new Pulse Red wireless controller option to customize their gaming experience. The new color option features a vivid red color with matte black triggers and bumpers and a white case. 

The new Pulse Red controller features a hybrid D-pad and a textured dot pattern on the triggers to help players “keep their grip locked in.” The controller also features the Dynamic Latency Input that delivers controller inputs more frequently to the Xbox Series X or S, which creates a more responsive gaming experience. 

Players can customize the controller buttons by using the Xbox Accessories app to create a unique layout to match their preferences. The new Share button can also be adjusted to capture screengrabs, start recordings, record the last few seconds, and share your clips with friends. 

The Pulse Red controller can connect to Xbox Series X, S, and Xbox One consoles. It can also connect to Windows 10 PCs and Android devices for on-the-go gamers. Players who switch between devices often won’t have to constantly connect the controller since it remembers multiple devices. 

The controller also includes a 3.5-millimeter stereo headset jack and a USB-C port compatible with the Xbox Rechargeable Battery. 

The new Pulse Red wireless controller will be available on Feb. 9 in most markets and will cost $64.99. In some markets, the Pulse Red controller comes with a 14-day trial for the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.