Microsoft introduces 2 TB and 512 GB Seagate storage expansion cards for Xbox Series X|S

Expand your storage with either option.

Image via Microsoft

Xbox Series X|S owners now have two new options to expand their console’s storage since Microsoft has introduced 2 TB and 512 GB storage expansion cards. 

As reported by industry insider Nibellion, Microsoft has added two new ways for players to increase the storage size of their Xbox Series X|S consoles. Originally, fans could only expand their storage with the 1 TB Seagate storage card. But now, players can go for slightly less or more storage capacity. 

The new 512 GB and 2 TB Seagate storage expansion cards are excellent choices for players who need more room for downloading games. Causal users can boost their space slightly with the 512 GB option, while players with an extensive library of games can spring for the massive 2 TB option. Both options connect directly into the storage expansion port on the back of the console and players can choose to install games directly into the expansion card as needed. 

The 512 GB storage expansion card is available for pre-order through Walmart for $139.99 and will release in mid-November. The Seagate 2 TB storage expansion card will be available for pre-order in November and will cost $399.99. Fans can also purchase the original 1 TB Seagate storage expansion card for $219.99. 

The Xbox Game Pass is continuously adding new games for players to enjoy and the upcoming holiday season will introduce several titles worth grabbing. If you’re considering adding additional storage to your Xbox Series X|S console, these two new options are excellent choices.