Microsoft appears to be announcing launch events across the globe for the Xbox Series X/S

Stay up and get comfortable.

Image via Microsoft

Ahead of Microsoft’s next-generation console launch on Nov. 10, the company appears to be holding launch events on the preceding day in various regions around the globe.

The official Xbox Twitter accounts for Australia and New Zealand and Mexico have tweeted out teasers for an event on Nov. 9 in their respective time zones. The posts are accompanied by the hashtag #PowerYourDreams associated with the next-generation consoles, indicating that the upcoming functions are for the Xbox Series X and S.

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No announcements have been made for the U.S. and U.K. regions at time of writing, though they’re likely to happen. The official Xbox account posted in anticipation of the upcoming console release in three weeks.

While some fans have somehow managed to get their hands on the console before its official launch, most people will have to wait until Nov. 10. The Xbox Series X will be available for $499, while its cousin Series S retails at $299.