Meta Quest 2’s price has gone up $100

It's still a $60 price increase with the free game.

A Meta Quest 2 headset box
Image via Best Buy

Virtual reality gaming is just now getting its start through a variety of different headsets like the Meta Quest 2, the Valve Index, or the upcoming PSVR 2. With VR being a new market, the prices for experiences and equipment are likely to fluctuate. So it’s probably not a huge surprise that the Meta Quest 2 has increased in price by $100 for both the 128GB and 256GB models.

Players who purchase a new Meta Quest 2 headset will have to pay $399.99 for 128GB and $499.99 for 256GB of storage. This new price will make the more expensive headset over half a grand with only one game included. With the price increase, the Meta Quest Twitter account also announced that Beat Saber would be free to anyone who purchased a new headset through Dec. 31, 2022.

Meta discusses the decision further in a blog post, stating that the cost to make and ship its projects has been on the rise. By adjusting the price, the company is able to “continue to grow our investment in groundbreaking research and new product development…”

It also points to the slate of games and other content set to come out in the next year, whether it be the new headset Project Cambria, or the different games like Ghostbusters VR, Among Us VR, and BONELAB. Meta said that even with this price hike, it continues to be the most affordable headset on the market.

This news comes after the PSVR 2 has made headlines with different options like directional haptic feedback, see-through mode, and exclusive features. Seeing as this new headset will pose a threat to Meta Quest when it releases soon, it’s interesting to see Meta raise the price.