Mavix is the latest to enter the fray in the world of gaming chairs

There's three different models to begin with.

Image via Mavix

A new gaming chair is ready to throw its hat in the ring to try to attain your buttocks while you game—and it’s called Mavix.

The new line of gaming chairs is “backed by 15 years of research and expertise” from the makers of the X-Chair, a line of office massage chairs. That same group is getting into gaming with Mavix.

Mavix is set to launch with three varying models (M5, M7, and M9) at $555, $777, and $999. The main differences between the models are the materials of the backs and seats, along with additional adjustment options for the arms, back, base, and more.

Image via Mavix

“As sleek, office-style chairs, the M-series can fit effortlessly into any environment, a noticeable contrast to the bulky racer-style chairs that have oversaturated the gaming market,” Mavix said. “Additional advantages like a wide seat, adjustable seat depth, locking wheels and infinite locking position deep recline combine to help elevate the gaming experience for players of all levels.”

There are plenty of options for gamer chairs out there, including Herman Miller, Respawn, DX Racer, and many more, so Mavix is entering a flooded market. But on paper, the chairs sound strong.

To sign up for when pre-orders go live, you can head to the Mavix website. The line of chairs is scheduled to launch on Nov. 9.