Lost Ark getting review bombed due to lengthy queue times

Who could have foreseen this?

Lost Ark Server Queue times
Image via Amazon Games

Its par for the course at this point: A wildly anticipated video game is seeing some bumpy roads with regards to its server performance. Most people could have seen this coming for Lost Ark’s release to western audiences from a nautical mile away, but that hasn’t stopped many players from voicing their dismay through Steam’s review system.

The game, which released to free to play users in North America and Europe on the 11th of February, has seen queue times so lengthy that the game’s review rating on Steam went from “Overwhelmingly Positive” down to “Mixed” in two days. Many players cite the game’s overpopulated servers as the main reason for these negative reviews.

With overpopulation on certain servers, players may have to wait hours before their turn to log into the game. This problem is in no way helped by the game’s significant popularity, with steam charts showing it to be most played game at any given point in Steam’s history with over 1 million concurrent players, in spite of the server problems.

Image via Steamcharts

In a twist of irony, these issues are mainly being shouldered by those who purchased the Founder’s Edition of Lost Ark. These versions of the game granted players the right play Lost Ark early, and thanks to the game’s hype, was cashed in on by a huge portion of the gaming community. These players were herded into a small number of servers in a short amount of time, with many of them unaware of which servers would be overrun within the next few days. Because of the inability for characters to transfer, those higher paying customers are now locked into servers with other “Founder Edition” players, while new free-to-play users have the luxury of being able to choose unpopulated servers.

The review bombing has become one of game’s biggest talking points, despite large discussions regarding its strengths and weaknesses still waiting to be had.