Logitech drops vertical mouse for small hands

Superior ergonomics

Logitech lift mouse
Image via Logitech

Logitech has just released its new Lift vertical mouse for users with smaller hands. It has the same design as the company’s older MX Vertical mouse, but it’s shrunken down to a more compact size and has more available colors in the range.

More people are turning to ergonomic equipment like standing desks, standing desk mats, and vertical mice while they work at home to increase their comfort and reduce the chances of repetitive strain injuries. Vertical options like Logitech’s Lift may take some time to get used to, but they can prevent wrist pain and other injuries by allowing users to work with their mouse hand in a more natural upright grip instead of their palm facing down.

The Lift mouse has a 57-degree vertical design and comes in left or right-hand versions. Both options have the same functionality with the left and right clicks, scroll wheel, and DPI adjustment on one side and two thumb buttons on the other. There’s also a button at the bottom for Bluetooth pairing that also enables switching connectivity between up to three devices. The 400-to 4000 DPI sensor can’t keep up with high-performance gaming mice, but it’s perfectly adequate for office use.

Unlike the old MX Vertical, the new Lift uses a single AA battery for power and doesn’t offer USB charging. Logitech still expects a battery life of around two years. The new mouse still includes dual connectivity options and works with either a USB dongle or Bluetooth and has a range of approximately 33 feet (10 meters).

Another difference between the Lift and MX Vertical is the color options. The Lift is targeted at younger users, and the right-handed version comes in either Rose, Graphite, or Off-White. Left-handed users have limited choice and get it in Graphite only.

The Lift is available from the Logitech website for $69.99.

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