Limited budget lighting: Logitech for Creators Litra Glow impressions

Logitech for Creators' newest lighting solution aims to help new creators find their light.

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Image via Colton Deck / Dot Esports

Getting into streaming and content creation is an all-consuming endeavor. Aside from learning software and establishing oneself on a platform, further legitimizing a stream with the right audio and lighting gear is costly. Logitech for Creators is keen on softening the barrier to entry with the Litra Glow streaming light.

Logitech for Creators’ Litra Glow provides a convenient, affordable alternative to overblown lighting that is often marketed toward beginning streamers but is in no way necessary. It may be a small gadget but the value here hits the big time.

Small form performance

Image via Colton Deck / Dot Esports

Despite its robust feature set, the first thing anyone will notice about the Litra Glow is its meager size. There are smaller key and ring light options available but the Litra Glow’s form is much smaller than the average bear. This is easily linked to the fact that there is no included stand. The Litra Glow simply hangs off the monitor, much like a webcam.

Image by Colton Deck / Dot Esports

While many webcams use this type of mounting design, not all options feature support for a thin bezel. This isn’t the case with the Litra Glow, though. The mount plays nicely with a thin bezel and doesn’t hang over onto the panel. Even Logitech’s own C922 Pro can’t claim as much. Additionally, the top mount swivels 360 degrees and tilts backward and forward.

The only critique from handling the Litra Glow is that the build doesn’t give the impression that this product will stand the test of time. That’s not to say that it feels cheap but plastic is plastic and there’s little substance to the light. On the flip side, this helps ease concerns about hanging the light on a monitor. It’s a bit of column A and column B situation regarding the build.

Convenience and ease of access

Photo by Colton Deck

Aside from downloading Logitech G Hub, set up for the Litra Glow is as convenient as it gets. All anyone needs to do is look to the back panel of the Litra Glow to start dialing in their lighting. The back panel includes controls for color temperature, brightness, and the power button. These controls are really all you’ll need to configure your settings; however, Logitech G Hub does provide presets for different environments.

An easy selling point for the Litra Glow is its G Hub compatibility that allows users to bind certain settings to their G keys on other Logitech keyboards and mice in their setup. A practical use of this function is to bind a lighting profile for the time of day in which you start a stream and one to compliment the natural lighting in the later hours of the stream. It’s a small feature that can go a long way in maintaining the flow of a stream since there’s no need to tab out to adjust lighting profiles.

Bright but how bright?

Photo by Colton Deck

Logitech for Creators’ Litra Glow features a maximum output of 250 lumens and a color temperature range of 2,700K to 6,500K. While its output falls behind more expensive options from Elgato that hit somewhere around 2,800 lumens, the Litra Glow still gives off enough brightness to naturally light a room in the dark while removing a decent amount of graininess in the process.

Photo by Colton Deck

The color temperature range is impressive when paired with Logitech’s TrueSoft technology. TrueSoft delivers stellar color accuracy that helps your skin tone appear closer to reality. Adjusting the light to get rid of any shadows is a must but once you’ve dialed it in, the results are surprisingly natural in tone. For webcams that have difficulty with a wider range of skin tones, like the Razer Kiyo, the Litra Glow would make a solid companion in bringing out the best in the webcam and on stream.

Is The Logitech Litra Glow for you?

There isn’t too much to complain about with the Litra Glow. Logitech for Creators is providing a stream-ready, beginner-friendly lighting setup that is fool-proof and fits within tighter budgets at $59.99/$AUD89.95. Litra Glow is easy to set up, use, and integrate into a streaming ecosystem. The only notable improvement to be made is lengthening the 5ft USB-C cable for accommodate larger setups, or those keep their PC under a desk.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Logtiech G Hub expanded functionality
  • Convenient mount
  • USB-C
  • TrueSoft gets skin tone right


  • Short USB-C cable
  • Build quality feels a little weak

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