Leaked webpage suggests PS5 backward compatibility will only be possible with system update

Sony has already confirmed the feature for the next-gen console.

Image via Sony

A leaked PlayStation webpage indicates that the next-gen console will have backward compatibility with PS4 games via a system update. The cached page was posted on Resetera but the original website shows no signs of change.

PlayStation’s Icelandic website seemly published the entry ahead of time. PS5 owners will probably have to download a system update to play PS4 titles on their new console.

Screengrab via Resetera

Sony hasn’t confirmed anything about this system update, including whether it’ll be ready at launch or if it’ll be available in the future. But the company already explained in a blog post that backward compatibility will be a feature of the PS5 with an “overwhelming majority of 4,000+ PS4 titles.”

Similar to Microsoft’s Xbox One backward compatibility, Sony’s first-party titles will likely be made backward compatible first, while third-party games could come once the functionality is up and running.

Microsoft confirmed today that the backward compatibility in the Xbox Series X will be a more advanced feature than just a system update with “thousands of games at launch.”

With a reveal event reportedly happening in June, it’s likely that Sony will provide more details about this feature. The PS5 is scheduled to launch this holiday season.