Leaked PlayStation 5 devkit photos surface online

The designs are likely not yet finalized.

Image via Sony

Pictures of the Playstation 5 devkits have seemingly surfaced online as developers start to gear up towards the next generation of consoles.

The PS5, which is expected to release late next year along with Microsoft’s Xbox Scarlett, was announced a few months ago by Sony. The company plans to reveal more information about the console over the next few months ahead of its official reveal and first look.

The devkits resemble stackable V-shaped boxes. This design allows developers to run multiple stress tests at a time with air flowing through the console’s sides and center, according to The Verge’s senior editor Tom Warren. But for consumers who may not be fans of the shape or size of the console, fear not. A devkit is not what the final product will look like but is instead a way for developers to see if their games work on the new systems and to test capacities.

So while these V-shaped boxes look pretty nifty, don’t expect to see the actual consoles look anything like this. If you need proof you only need to look behind the PS5 devkits in the back right to see the PS4 devkit sitting there, watching the console that will soon take its place.