Leak reveals contents included with PS5 and Digital Edition

Both options include the same basic accessories.

Image via Sony

Sony has remained relatively quiet regarding the PlayStation 5, but a new leak has given fans insight into what’s included with both versions of the console. The standard PS5 and it’s Digital Edition counterpart will include the same content, according to a link from a Hong Kong distributor. 

Industry insider Daniel Ahmad posted a screenshot of the contents included with both versions of the PS5, and it shows that both versions will ship with the same contents. Each option includes the standard or digital PS5 console, a wireless controller, 825GB SSD, a base, an HDMI cable, an AC power cord, a USB cable, and an instructional manual. Both versions will also come with Astro’s Playroom pre-installed on the system. 

Ahmad said this information could be region-specific as Sony has not revealed the official content that will ship with their next-generation console. Sony has also not released an official price or release date for the PS5, but that will likely change soon, considering Microsoft recently revealed the Xbox Series X and S prices and pre-order date. 

Sony will host a PlayStation 5 Showcase on Sept. 16, which might be the event where they finally reveal prices and pre-order dates for the PS5. The new console is rumored to have impressive upgrades such as controllers that can automatically identify users and improved battery life

Fans will have to wait for Sony to officially reveal more information to see what will actually come with the consoles when released.