Is Kinguin a legit site for game codes? Answered

Enter at your own risk.

Image via Kinguin

Video games are expensive. Without the help of things like Steam sales and Black Friday discounts, gaming can be a pricey hobby. Because of this, many gamers scour the internet looking for the best deals on the newest games. While you might come across an amazing deal on a website, sometimes they are just too good to be true. So, is Kinguin a legit site for game codes?

When it comes to buying games from Kinguin, it can be a little bit questionable. Kinguin is another key seller website on the gray market and should not be your first choice when purchasing a game code. 

A gray market is a place where products, in this case, game codes, are sold legally, but outside of a company or brand’s permission, or not sold by the company directly. 

Launched in 2013, Kinguin is a large marketplace for digital video game codes, with choices ranging from popular PC launchers like Steam and Origin to PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo codes. 

Even though some users have reported game keys purchased from Kinguin as working fine, many users have also experienced issues such as keys being revoked, keys not arriving at a convenient time, and Steam accounts being affected or banned. 

Since Kinguin is a gray market key seller, you are essentially purchasing codes from third-party sellers. It can be hard to find out where and how these third-party sellers got their codes or if they were obtained legally in the first place.

According to Trustpilot, Kinguin has a four out of five star rating from more than 30,000 reviews. While this score may reflect well on the service, the rating is considerably lower than other sites such as GOG and Green Man Gaming. For unconvinced buyers, it is encouraged to browse the reviews on the website. 

Plenty of users have had good luck buying a game code from Kinguin, but it’s advisable to skip the uncertainty of the Kinguin and consider alternative sites.