Intel XeSS won’t be ready to launch until summer

Good news and bad news.

Image via Intel

Intel let loose its Arc mobile GPUs today with the Arc 3 A350M and A370M, but one of the company’s most anticipated pieces of tech won’t be launching alongside the GPUs. Intel’s XeSS image upscaling technology is now slated for an early summer release.

Intel’s XeSS is due out alongside the Arc 5 discrete mobile GPUs in the summer, meaning that early Arc 3 adopters won’t have access to XeSS for some time. Still, Intel shared a list of about 20 games that are already compatible with XeSS. Top titles include Death Stranding, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Hitman 3, Ghostwire Tokyo, and Chivalry 2. More titles will likely be added between now and XeSS’ summer release.

XeSS is an AI-enhanced image upscaling technology. This means that, with the help of AI, XeSS can render a game below its base resolution before scaling it back up to the desired resolution. This practice helps players get the 4K experience without taxing their hardware while maintaining solid framerates. AMD and Nvidia have familiar upscaling technologies with the former being the algorithm-based FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) as well as the upcoming FSR 2.0 and the latter being Nvidia’s DLSS.

While the Arc 3 mobile GPU release is exciting, it’s also the start of much more to come. XeSS will land with Intel GPU users in the early summer along with the Arc 5 mobile GPUs, which feature double the Xe cores, ray tracing cores, and GDDR6 memory of the A370M. Not only that, but Intel’s flagship desktop GPUs will also make their debut in the summer with the launch of a limited-edition GPU that will likely be followed by a slew of partner cards. Summer appears to be Intel’s season.