Intel pushes CPU release back one year

Granite Molasses.

Intel granite rapids
Image via Intel

Intel has been the center piece of attention due to a surprise push towards challenging rival AMD and NVIDIA in the dedicated GPU market. The semiconductor chip manufacturer, which is known primarily for their CPU production, has announced a one year delay for the server chip “Granite Rapids”.

Xeon Server processor via Intel

The news comes at a time when Intel is already handling heavy speculation with regards to their ability to produce quality GPUs for the PC community, and the unfortunate announcement has seen their stock price drop well over 5% at the time of this posting. Intel CFO Dave Zinsner has stated that the company is entering an “investment phase” and will be seeing slow results on their road to a 10% annual sales growth by 2025. This delay echos the long-term tone that Intel tends to take in regards to goals.

Despite the push for stronger annual revenues, there still remain those in the PC community who recognize that Intel is in a losing position against its competitors. The company, which is primarily rivaled by AMD, sells a fraction of the CPUs the former does every year. Additionally, Intel is playing catch up with TSMC’s CPU production technology, which is particularly worrying given that AMD is TSMC’s third biggest customer.

This gap in technology isn’t just limited to TSMC’s 5nm technology (where Intel is currently limited to the larger 10nm), either. Intel is also waiting to debut their first CPU that makes use of extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUV), which Granite Rapids is supposed to represent. TSMC, contrarily, is already using EUV in its products today.