Intel just poached AMD’s chief discrete GPU architect

Intel picks up more top talent from AMD.

Intel Arc chip
Image via Intel

Rohit Verma, the chief discrete graphics card architect at AMD, has reportedly switched sides to boost Intel’s GPU efforts.

ExtremeTech reported the news, noting that Verma had been with AMD for three years. Verma will serve as Intel’s new lead product architect, with Intel’s Arc Alchemist GPUs due out later this year.

Verma held two major positions during his time at AMD. For almost five years, Verma served as a fellow in the semi-custom business unit before moving to senior fellow and lead system on a chip (SoC) architect. Before that, Verma spent 14 years at Intel as the company’s lead SoC architect.

Verma oversaw some of AMD’s most progressive years, including the launch of multiple, highly successful Ryzen CPUs and the recent launch of AMD hardware in the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 consoles.

“I am excited to share that I have joined Intel to lead Product Architecture of Discrete GPU SoCs in the Visual Compute space,” Verma said on LinkedIn. “It’s great to be back at Intel and am looking forward to working with the team to define and build innovative next generation GPU products!”

Verma’s excitement mirrors the overall sentiment of Intel’s entry into the discrete GPU market, with consumers hoping the upcoming Arc GPUs will break up the current Nvidia/AMD duopoly. Intel’s efforts have suffered some delays, and Verma’s input will likely have little impact on the Arc Alchemist GPUs given they are due to ship in Q1 and Q2 this year for laptops and desktops.

Verma isn’t the only talent Intel has poached from AMD, though. ExtremeTech noted that Intel successfully convinced Raja Koduri, AMD’s former senior vice president and Radeon Technologies Group chief architect, to lead Intel’s GPU efforts.

With Intel ramping up its IDM 2.0 strategy and poaching top talent from AMD and Apple, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger’s aggressive approach is bearing fruit. While it may be too late for Verma to chime in on Arc Alchemist, Battlemage and Celestial aren’t far off in the distance.