Intel brass aim to ship millions of Arc GPUs every year

Intel wants to put millions of GPUs in gamers' hands year after year.

Image via Intel

The graphics cards shortage has been a persistent pain in nearly every gamer’s side for years. But the stage is set for Intel to swoop in and save the day if the higher-ups’ tweets hold water.

Intel responded to PCGamer’s direct call to action with optimistically driven statements that make the company appear ready to bury Nvidia and AMD. Both Intel’s senior vice president and general manager of the Accelerated Computing Systems and Graphics Group Raja Koduri and Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger replied to PCGamer. Despite the mystery surrounding the launch window changes on Intel’s Arc Alchemist page, the company seems more than confident in its abilities to ease the pain of securing a new graphics card near MSRP.

Koduri’s statement was echoed briefly but poignantly by Gelsinger.

Team red, blue, and green all depend on semiconductor manufacturers like TSMC and Samsung. TSMC supplies both Intel and AMD’s materials, while Samsung is Nvidia’s go-to semiconductor supplier. Given the reach of the chip shortage, both AMD and Nvidia have been in a bind, whereas Intel is making claims as though it will save the day. If Gelsinger and Koduri land in the forecasted Q1 2022 Arc Alchemist launch window and can meet demand, then we can chalk it up as a win. But that outlook seems overly optimistic since AMD, which shares a supplier, is still aboard the struggle bus.

Intel’s statements should be met with cautious optimism. There’s a lot of hype building up around the Arc Alchemist GPUs and Koduri and Gelsinger’s tweets don’t work to temper expectations. Given how chaotic the chip shortage has become and how far-reaching the consequences have been—look no further than U.S. inflation rates—a statement like Koduri’s seems too good to be true. But if Intel can pull it off and meet demand with high-performance cards at reasonable prices, team blue will have triumphantly entered the arena.

Intel announced its Arc Alchemist line in August 2021. The company revealed its plans to roll out mobile GPUs in Q1 2022 during its CES 2022 presentation but the desktop cards were nowhere to be seen or heard. The “Q1” was also removed from the Q1 2022 launch date on the official page, sparking rumors of a delay.

Intel is “targeting the first Alchemist products to be in market in Q1 2022,” according to an official spokesperson.