[email protected] is sending “tons more” Xbox Series X devkits to independent developers this summer

Fans can expect several smaller, fun titles on the next gen console.

Image via Xbox

Xbox fans will likely see a lot of indie titles on the Xbox Series X in the future. Several indie developers already have Xbox Series X devkits and “tons more” are on their way, according to [email protected] Director Chris Charla. 

Charla confirmed earlier today during the Guerrilla Collective show that the indie market will be alive and well on the Xbox Series X. He stated that many indie developers already have Xbox Series X devkits and several more will be sent throughout the summer. 

[email protected] is Microsoft’s way of supporting independent developers and providing a place on the Xbox platform for their titles. [email protected] launched in 2014 and has been bringing indie games to players for just under six years. 

Several indie titles are included in the Xbox Game pass such as Void Bastards and Head Lander. [email protected] has allowed smaller developers to show their work and develop a following by bringing these games to a wider audience. 

Star Renegades, a tactical turn-based RPG that is supported by [email protected], received a new trailer today. 

Microsoft is expected to start revealing more information on launch titles and other games available for the Xbox Series X in the next two months. Fans can likely expect reveals and more information on independent titles alongside the triple AAA reveals. 

The Xbox Series X is set to launch during the 2020 holiday season.