HyperX x Champion Glow-in-the-Dark Collection impressions

Glow up.

Gaming and fashion intermingle frequently, and some collaborations find more success than others. From Sega and Drop Dead to the upcoming 100 Thieves x Gucci collaboration, the two realms often find creative ways to supply fans with gear that appeals to both fandoms. 

HyperX sponsors teams like the Pittsburg Knights, influencers like Pokimane, and the NFL’s JuJu Smith-Schuster, but the peripheral company also dabbles in athleticwear. The California-based brand already has two collaborations with Champion under its belt, with a third on its way this week. The past two HyperX x Champion collaborations, Rose Gold and Reflective, saw enough success to warrant a third team-up. 

HyperX and Champion’s Glow-in-the-Dark capsule collection features three items with Champion’s throwback jock tags and glow-in-the-dark details. The capsule includes a hoodie, T-shirt, and joggers. Each item features the same jock tag with both companies’ respective logos and the words “Season 3” to celebrate the three-peat partnership. HyperX’s slogan is also prominently featured on the jock tag.

We got our hands on some early samples of the collection to see what fans can expect. 

The shirt

Photo via Colton Deck

The T-shirt is the most affordable item in the bunch at about $30. For the price, buyers get a mid-weight tee that doesn’t feel much different than any number of shirts you’d pull off of a rack. It has a commonly found tagless design and soft back neck taping you likely won’t notice, which is a plus or minus depending on your point of view. Despite the mid-range price tag, this tee is pretty scratchy and will take some time to break in. 

Our reviewer is six foot one and typically prefers the additional shoulder room and length of an extra-large. This tee was slightly wider in the shoulder, which is surprising considering the shoulders are why our reviewer tends to size up. The sleeves hit about two inches above the elbow but don’t billow out. 

Aside from the all-black colorway, the T-shirt also features the old-school jock tag, which does the heavy lifting regarding branding. HyperX and Champion thoughtfully placed their logos on the jock tag, and the glow-in-the-dark effect looks pretty neat at night. The accents on the sleeve are a nice embellishment that helps give the shirt a premium feel. 

The hoodie

Photo via Colton Deck

HyperX and Champion’s Glow-in-the-Dark hoodie is the most comfortable and well-fitting item in the collection. This time around, our review sample came in a large. Despite sizing down, there’s still a decent amount of room along the hips and ribs. 

While the torso had some extra room, this hoodie’s sleeves were another story. The sleeve length hit perfectly above the palm with a slight buckle at the wrist. Our reviewer would consider the sleeves to be a perfect fit for their slightly longer arms. Those with shorter-than-average arms might get a baggier fit here. 

Despite brandishing the same logos and jock tag, the hoodie does things a bit differently than the T-shirt. Instead of the logo being off-center, the hoodie has the jock tag dead center of the chest. It’s a fairly common choice to place logos here, but it works a bit better with the jock tag than it does a standard screen-printed logo. The sleeve details land just above the cuff, creating a balance that relies on an asymmetrical design. Both the jock tag and sleeve details feature a glow-in-the-dark design identical to the T-shirt. 

The joggers

Photo via Colton Deck

Rounding out the collection are the joggers. For around $60, the joggers provide buyers with a fairly standard pair of sweats. These create a slim and tapered profile without being overly restrictive.

In keeping with the all-black theme, the only embellishments on the joggers are the jock tag and Champion embroidery. The jock tag is located on the upper right thigh and is identical to the others in the collection. It’s a fine placement, but without the additional logos and glow, the joggers feel like the runt of the litter, considering the price. 

It would have tracked with the rest of the collection if HyperX and Champion included the same sleeve details above the cuff of a pant leg. Placing the same details on the back of the left pant leg cuff would have created more of that asymmetrical balance with the hoodie’s right sleeve details. 

Worth your time and dollar? 

If you’re into athletic wear and gaming, the HyperX x Champion Glow-in-the-Dark capsule collection might be up your alley. The T-shirt feels a bit oversized and scratchy compared to other brands, but the price isn’t deplorable at about $30. While the joggers are fine, they don’t feel as meaningfully integrated into the collection because of the missing secondary details. 

For those who are only in the market for one item, the hoodie is the best bet. The hoodie takes the cake by presenting the best value and design. Although the T-shirt comes close with its nearly identical jock tag and detail placement, it doesn’t feel as unique, nor does it feel high-quality.