How to update your PlayStation 5

Make sure your console is always up to date.

Image via Sony

Sony is currently in the process of releasing its most powerful system yet with the PlayStation 5. Over the next week, this console will launch all over the world, giving thousands of gamers their first chance to experience the next generation of gaming.

For players to get the most from their new console, they are going to need to know how to keep it updated. Without updating the firmware on the PS5, users risk running into issues not only in-game but also during general navigation of the console. Additionally, without the latest updates, some applications will not be able to run on the device.

Fortunately for users, updating the console is easy and often occurs without the user even knowing.

How to update the PS5

Image via Sony

To update your PS5, you are required to have a steady internet connection. While you can update from a USB, the easiest and most preferred method is through the internet.

During the initial setup, the PS5’s interface asks users about their console’s power settings. In this section, users are given the option to choose between Low Power Mode and Optimised Experience.

Choosing the Optimised Experience allows your system to automatically update itself and downloaded games while in rest mode without user intervention.

If this setting is not active, however, there are two ways to update your console.

  • You may be notified that an update is available upon the start-up of your system. If this is the case it becomes as simple as following the prompts displayed on the screen.
  • If you don’t see an update but are told by an application that one is available there is an easy way to check through the system settings.
    • Open the settings cog in the top right corner of the PlayStation menu.
    • Select system from the list of options.
    • In the first tab, you will see a System Software Update and Settings option. Click this and you will be taken to a menu where you can set up automatic updates as well as search for any available system software updates by selecting Update System Software.