How to turn on Bluetooth on a laptop

No more wires.

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Most laptops and many modern desktops have built-in Bluetooth. Having Bluetooth capability comes in handy to connect devices like headsets or mice and keyboards without requiring cables. Some printers and scanners also use Bluetooth to connect wirelessly. 

While Bluetooth is a standard feature, it’s switched off by default, so users must switch it on to pair it with other devices. However, turning Bluetooth on a laptop is a straightforward process that can be done in a matter of moments. 

How to turn on Bluetooth on a laptop

  • Click on the Windows icon.
  • Navigate to Settings, and click on Devices.
    • A window called Bluetooth & other devices will open up.
Screengrab by Saeed Wazir
  • Click on the slider under Bluetooth to turn it on.
  • Click on the Add Bluetooth or other device. 
    • The Add a device window will open, with the options to choose a Bluetooth, Wireless display or dock, or Everything else. 
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  • Click on Bluetooth. 
    • Another window will open with a warning to make sure the Bluetooth device is on and discoverable. It also displays the list of any Bluetooth devices detected nearby.
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  • Click on the device to connect to it. The laptop should connect to the device.
    • Some devices might require a pin to connect.

Using Swift Pair

Swift Pair is a Windows function that makes it easier to connect to Bluetooth devices. It does this by automatically detecting closeby devices that are in pairing mode and displaying a notification in Windows to connect. The laptop will also connect automatically to devices it has connected to in the past. One of the main advantages of using Swift Pairing is that there’s no need to connect to commonly used peripherals like mice or headsets manually.

  • Click on the Windows icon, then go to settings, and click on Devices.
    • The same window from the previous setup called Bluetooth & other devices will open up.
  • Ensure Bluetooth is turned on, then scroll down on the page and tick the checkbox marked Show notifications to connect using Swift Pair.
Screengrab by Saeed Wazir
  • Once the checkbox is ticked, the laptop will display a message whenever a new Bluetooth device is detected nearby. It will also connect automatically to devices it’s paired with previously.
Screengrab by Saeed Wazir


While these instructions are simple enough, users can sometimes encounter problems when connecting their PC to a Bluetooth device. The most common problem involves the PC not detecting or connecting to a device. Here are some simple ways to troubleshoot and find the cause of the problem.

  • Check both devices to ensure Bluetooth is turned on.
  • Make sure the device being connected is in pairing mode.
  • Ensure that airplane mode is off on the PC.
  • If the device is asking for a pin try 0000 or 1234. If these fail, refer to the documentation.
  • Delete the device from Windows, restart, then search for it again.
  • Check for device updates or Windows updates to solve the issue.