How to take off mouse feet

Like a pair of new shoes.

Photo by Colton Deck

After hours of long gaming sessions, our controllers, keyboards, and mice can see significant wear and tear. Where mouse precision is so important in gaming, heavy use of your mouse can lead to issues moving your gaming mouse smoothly and comfortably across a mouse pad. Replacing your mouse feet can prolong the life of your gaming mouse and get you back to gaming without breaking the bank. So let’s take a look at how to take off mouse feet.

The easiest and most popular way to take the skates off of a gaming mouse is by using a hair dryer or heat gun, a sharp knife or blade, along with some rubbing alcohol. Be sure to turn off and unplug your mouse before removing the feet from the bottom.

  • To start, blow hot air from the hair dryer or heat gun onto each of the individual mouse feet one at a time for roughly 10 to 15 seconds. By using the hot air, the glue holding each foot in place will start to loosen up and will be easier to safely lift off. 
    • While this is the most popular method, hot air from the hair dryer can cause damage to the mouse if you are not careful. Be sure not to hold the hair dryer too close or too long on each mouse skate to avoid damage.
  • Once each respective mouse skate is warmed up, slip the knife under the skate to lift off.
    • While it may take a little bit of pressure to lift the skate off of the mouse, be careful not to force it off. If the skate is not coming off too easily, heat up the area a little bit more to melt the glue again.
  • Use rubbing alcohol to clean off any excess sticky residue from where the old mouse feet were.
    • Before applying new mouse skates, a little bit of rubbing alcohol will help remove any stickiness.

Some users have removed mouse skates without heating up each one and simply using a knife; however, this method isn’t recommended since it can damage the skates and your mouse.