How to put an Xbox in energy-saving mode

Using this mode will benefit both you and the environment.

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Image via Microsoft

Nowadays, gaming consoles can be used to save up energy to reduce its environmental impact. And with Xbox consoles, the energy-saving mode is an option you can use to lower its energy consumption compared to the instant-on mode.

The integration of the energy-saving mode began with the Xbox One in 2013. Now, its usage continues to be appreciated with the Xbox Series X/S consoles. When your console is in this mode, you’ll be able to save up to 30 times less energy than the instant-on mode. While the instant-on uses 15W of power, the energy-saving mode only consumes 0.5W. 

Of course, the mode you desire to use will still depend on your preference and capacity. If you want to save up as much energy as possible to minimize your electric bill, then go for the energy-saving mode. But if you don’t really think about your bill or want more perks such as starting up faster and the option to wake your console with voice command, then instant-on is definitely the better choice.

It’s easy to set up the energy-saving mode on your console, though. To do this, click the Xbox button on your controller. Go to Profile and System and look for Settings. Then, look for the General tab and select Sleep mode and startup menu. Finally, choose the Energy saver setting instead of Standby to activate your console’s energy-saving mode.

Remember that when you are in this mode, your console will take 45 seconds to start up, as well as requiring you to press the Xbox button most of the time. But sacrifices like this could be worth it, especially for our planet.