How to play SteamVR on Oculus Quest

Here's how you can play Steam games on your Oculus headset.

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One of the most popular virtual reality (VR) headsets available on the market is the Oculus Quest. And gaming enthusiasts and fans from all over the world use it for a variety of activities, including playing video games.

Players can access and purchase video games for PC on Steam, one of the biggest game digital distribution services online. The platform now even has a handheld console counterpart known as SteamDeck, though the VR games from the platform are mostly accessed through the PC app SteamVR.

With that, players may want to know how to run SteamVR through their Oculus Quest headsets. And luckily for them, there are several ways to do so..

Using the Oculus Link (Wired)

The first way to run SteamVR is by connecting your Oculus Quest to your PC through a USB Type-C cable. But you need to make sure you have the SteamVR app installed on your PC. Once you have it, log in with your Steam account, followed by logging in to your Oculus Quest account in your headset.

Connect your headset to your PC by using the cable by plugging both sides into their respective ports. The Oculus app on your PC should then recognize the cable once it is plugged in. Select Continue on your headset and follow by choosing Enable Oculus Link once it shows up on your headset’s screen. Once done, go to your apps and launch SteamVR.

Using the Oculus Link (Wireless)

If you want a more comfortable way of playing SteamVR with your Oculus Quest without a physical wire, you can also do it through Oculus Air Link. Just repeat the things you need first above (except for the USB Type-C cable) and follow all those steps. But once you are opening your Oculus app, go to the Beta tab and turn on the Air Link toggle.

Once the Air Link toggle is turned on, press the Oculus Home button on the right controller to launch the Universal Home menu. Click Settings, and choose the Oculus Air Link button you can see there. A list of available computers will appear. Select your PC from those and click the Launch option to link your PC and headset.

Finally, click the Oculus home button to open the Oculus home bar. From there, choose Library, and look for SteamVR.

Using the Virtual Desktop app

One more option you can use to play SteamVR on Oculus Quest is through the Virtual Desktop app. This is a separate application that you need to buy first, but once you have it, it’ll run SteamVR smoothly on your headset.

You can purchase Virtual Desktop right from the Oculus Quest store on your headset. Follow this link to get the latest version of the app, which is compatible with SteamVR. Once you have it, install the Virtual Desktop app, though you should connect your headset and PC to the same internet connection.

Now go to your PC. Make sure you have SteamVR and sign in with your Oculus account afterward. Then open your Virtual Desktop streaming app and fill in the details it asks for, like your Oculus username. Click Save and proceed with putting your headset on.

Once you have your headset on, open the Virtual Desktop app by going to your Library and selecting the Oculus bar at the bottom part of your screen. Take note that you should choose your desktop once you open SteamVR for the first time in your headset.

Select the menu button by pressing your left Oculus touch controller and once you find the Virtual Desktop app there, open it. Finally, press the menu button again on the same controller to open the dashboard. Now, enjoy streaming your SteamVR games you want to play through the Virtual Desktop app.

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