How to fix PS5 capture cards not working

Pesky Sony.

Image via Sony

If you plan to hook up your new PS5 system to an Elgato capture card to do some streaming, or any other capture card device, you might find out that it’s harder than expected.

For some reason, all PlayStation consoles come with hardware and software built in to stop capture cards from working out of the box, likely to prevent people from recording DVDs or other forms of media.

You can, however, still use a capture card by messing with the settings. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to the Home Menu
  2. Open up the Settings Menu
  3. Open “System”
  4. Click “HDMI”
  5. Go to “Enable HDCP” option and make sure its UNCHECKED

Follow all of these steps and you’ll be able to record content using an Elgato. Don’t expect all games to work, however. Sony won’t allow you to use certain games or apps while the option is unchecked.