How to fix high packet loss for Xbox One

You might be able to fix the problem yourself.

Image via Microsoft

Even if your internet connection is fine and you haven’t had issues connecting to a game’s servers before, there are still several obstacles that can prevent you from having a smooth gaming experience. 

One of these issues that tends to irk Xbox One players from time to time is something called packet loss, which is essentially just the console telling you that not all of your data is getting to the right destination. 

This problem happens frequently, although it won’t usually cause more than a brief hiccup in online performance. But when it happens in larger percentages and your internet connection starts rapidly failing to deliver your data, then it can cause serious issues, even stopping your game from working properly in some cases. 

There are few solutions you can try to use to eliminate high packet loss if your connection is prompting an error message on your Xbox. So if you are having problems connecting to Xbox Live or with your game’s online performance, try using these methods. 

Restart your console and router

You should first try completely rebooting your console to make sure it is running at peak efficiency. Sometimes all it takes is a reboot to make sure your connection improves because it can solve little bugs and network errors upon startup. 

Likewise, you can also restart your internet router to see if that helps too. Even if you use an Ethernet cord to access the internet on your console, this could still potentially fix your issues. 

Disconnecting from the internet

If resetting your system and router doesn’t work, try manually disconnecting your console from the internet. This will require you to access your Xbox One’s settings menu and navigate to the Network settings. 

Once there, simply select the Go Offline option and you should disconnect from all servers. Once this is done, turn it back on and test your connection again to make sure that everything works. 

This is a method of resetting your console’s connection to your internet that will hopefully reboot it without any of the pre-existing errors. 

Try switching connection methods

If you are using an Ethernet cord, try to use Wi-Fi to connect to Xbox Live. The problem could be something caused by the hardware, such as a loose pin in the Ethernet port causing a delay in your connection.

If none of these help, you can always check if Xbox Live is down, because that will prevent you from using multiple online features. You can do so by the Xbox Live Status website for more information.

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