How to download games faster on Nintendo Switch and Switch OLED

Use everything at your disposal.

Image via Nintendo

If you’ve ever bought a digital game or owned a video game console, you know that downloading games can take hours at a time before you even have a chance to play them.

The PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and even the Nintendo Switch require some downloading of the games to the system’s memory before you have a chance to play them. This is done to make load times faster or because part of the game isn’t included on the disc and needs internet downloads to be able to play the game at all.

So can you speed up the process on the Switch? Well, it’s not really up to Nintendo.

The speed of downloading games is tied to your connection speed. If you want to download games fast, make sure that your internet’s download speed is high to reduce the amount of time it’ll take to fully download the product.

You can also increase your download speed by either using the Switch OLED dock’s built-in LAN adapter or by buying a USB ethernet adapter for the original Switch. The Switch Lite can’t take advantage of this feature, however.

All you need to do is plug an ethernet cable directly into your Switch’s dock through the LAN port and the connection will be a lot more stable, meaning faster game downloads.