How much does a Steam Deck weigh?

It's going to be bigger than the Switch, but will it be worth it?

Screengrab via Valve

Valve recently introduced its foray into the mobile console market with the Steam Deck, which is set to release at the end of this year. And while the device is mobile, it’ll be on the larger side.

With a 7-inch display, the Steam Deck will be 11.7 inches long, 4.6 inches tall, and about 2 inches thick, making it notably larger than a standard Nintendo Switch. This means that the expected weight of a Steam Deck will be almost twice as much as a Switch.

The Steam Deck is set to weigh about 1.47 pounds (669 grams), according to the specs listed on the console’s website. In comparison, the Switch weighs about 0.88 pounds with both of its Joy-Con controllers attached.

Though the Steam Deck design doesn’t have an emphasis on being compact, it has numerous appealing buttons and features that many portable consoles do not. Along with a D-pad, two thumbsticks, and a handful of buttons, the console has two trackpads and even a pair of bindable buttons on its back side.

Meanwhile, the 7-inch display is larger than the current Switch and will be about the same size as the Switch OLED model coming out in October.

The Steam Deck is supposed to be shipped to consumers starting in December, but you can reserve yours now to get put on the waiting list. The console will be sold in a range of prices from $399 to 649.