How do you get game audio to work while running Windows on Steam Deck?

The answer isn't very satisfying.

Screengrab via Valve

Steam Deck is essentially just a handheld Linux PC and because Valve doesn’t restrict what users download, getting Windows up and running is fairly straightforward. But not everything works well out of the box when running Windows on Steam Deck.

Many Steam Deck users have run into audio issues while running Windows on Steam Deck. Unfortunately, this is due to the Windows drivers for Steam Deck being unfinished. This means that neither the 3.5-millimeter jack nor the onboard speakers will work. AMD and other parties are continuing to work on finishing the Windows drivers, but as of this article’s publication, there are only two ways to get audio to work while running Windows on Steam Deck.

Method #1: Bluetooth

Luckily, the Bluetooth and WiFi drivers are now up to date, so connecting Bluetooth earbuds, headphones, or speakers is an easy way to get wireless audio from the Steam Deck.

Method #2: USB-C

For those who aren’t into the Bluetooth approach, the USB-C port on the Steam Deck can also provide audio. While there aren’t as many high-end USB-C audio options out there, products like the Logitech G333 earbuds provide stellar dual-driver performance and a USB-C adapter. Realistically, any 3.5mm to USB-C adapter will do the trick here.

There may not be a satisfying solution to the question of how to get sound while running Windows on Steam Deck, but Valve, AMD, and other partners are working on the drivers. It’s fair to assume a solution is forthcoming.

If you’re still interested in installing Windows on Steam Deck, this guide can help.