Herman Miller reveals the next in its line of gaming chairs, the Sayl

This is definitely a unique-looking seat.

Image via Herman Miller

Herman Miller is continuing to expand on its selection of chairs for gamers, this time with the uniquely designed Sayl.

It seems like the main draw for the Sayl is its wide range of bold colors, allowing gamers to express their personalities while sitting comfortably. But its funky-looking seat back has also been designed by “science-backed ergonomics,” according to the company.

“With the power to move with you, Sayl plays to a gamer’s strengths while offering flexible support and comfort with positive impacts for the long game,” said Jon Campbell, director of gaming at Herman Miller. “It’s the perfect option for active players who can’t quite sit still.”

The Sayl comes in Black/Red, White/Red, Neon, Red, and Ocean Deep color variants, immediately making it more appealing to some who find the plain look of something like the gaming edition Aeron not “gamer” enough.

“Much like with the newly-released Special Gaming Edition Aeron Chair, we’re continuing to respond to the needs of the gaming community–not just in terms of ergonomics, but also aesthetics,” Campbell said. “Sayl offers great value with a number of adjustable settings and a selection of exciting new color options. Any gamer can find a chair that fits both their preferences and their personality.”

The seat offers what many have come to expect from Herman Miller in quality, including adjustable arm height and width, adjustable seat depth, height, forward tilt, and tilt tension.

While Herman Miller’s original gaming chair retails for around $1,500, the Sayl is more favorably priced at $725. It’s available to order now.