Here are the retail boxes for the PS5

With pre-orders going live we have now got our first look at the retail boxes for the PS5.

Image via Sony

With pre-order for the PS5 going live, we’ve been given our first glimpse at the retail boxes for both iterations of the next-generation console.

The box art for the standard PS5 has a simplistic white design showcasing the console in all its glory as well as the new DualSense controller. All the standard technical logos are there, including the new 8K functionality as well as 4K and HDMI. In the background you can faintly see the consoles signature square, triangle, “X,” and circle buttons. Otherwise, there’s not a whole lot going on.

Similarly shown on the box for the digital edition is the console with the controller as well as the logos displayed on the other iteration. The biggest difference with the digital edition’s box is the black background as opposed to white. The controller buttons remain faintly in the background keeping with the simplistic design. Another big difference between the two is that in the top right corner of the digital edition’s box you can see a warning reminding the buyer that this model will not support the use of game disks.

Outside of the lack of a disk drive, both editions of the PS5 boasts next-generation hardware including an 825gb SSD and 8x Zen 2 Core 3.5GHz CPU. If a disk drive is not necessary, customers can purchase the digital edition for just $399, cheaper than the regular PS5 that will cost $499.