Here are the 6 best gaming couches

You're looking at the older siblings of gaming chairs.

While standing desks exist, gamers hardly ever game on their feet. Each setup requires a suitable gaming chair to ensure proper posture and avoid hurting yourself after prolonged gaming sessions.

Although sitting is one of the optimal positions to game in, the activity can turn into a tiresome experience if you have a desk job or spend the whole day sitting in school. It’s only natural that you won’t want to keep sitting when you get home. Laying flat on your back can help you unwind after a long day, and a good gaming couch can make it easier for you to enjoy your favorite games.

In addition to being comfortable, gaming couches are a must-have piece of furniture if you enjoy hosting gaming parties. One large sofa can double as a guest bed, while also being suitable for sitting next to friends. Keep in mind that most gaming couches will be perfect for casual gaming, but they’re unlikely to be the best seating option if you’re a competitive gamer. 

Couches tend to push gamers into sitting in more relaxed positions, which can reduce alertness. This could make it harder for you to react to in-game situations or cause you to play sloppily, which are crucial factors that affect your success in competitive games.

If you just want a comfortable couch to relax and play games on while having enough room to hold a small-time FIFA or Smash Bros tournament, a gaming couch will always be a solid investment. We’ve evaluated all the viable options on the market and compiled the following list to assist you in your search so that you can get busy gaming as soon as possible.

We recommend trying the following couches in person if you have the chance to make sure they’re the right fit for you. Make sure you read the companies’ return policies if visiting a store isn’t an option.

Seatcraft Omega Home Theater Seating

Couches suitable for gaming will still look like regular sofas, but theater seats will always be the most premium choice while shopping for one. Having a gaming session inside a theater is a life-goal for many gamers. Some are after it for the gigantic screen, while others enjoy losing themselves in the comfortable theater seats.

Seatcraft’s Omega Home Theater Seating is a complete package. The three-seater couch is covered with PU leather. It comes with cup holders and in-arm compartments to keep you refreshed at all times with snacks or drinks. Certain parts of the couch are covered with lights, so you never spend more than a second while trying to locate where you put your drink in low-light gaming environments.

You’ll need to plug this couch into a power outlet to take full advantage of its perks, like the adjustable headrests and reclining. You won’t need to worry about occupying an outlet that you could use to charge your electronics, since the couch features two charging ports and two 110-watt outlets. There’s a wireless charging space on the central console that turns this couch into an essential part of your gaming setup.

The estimated weight of the couch: 350 pounds

Estimated size: 84 by 65 by 43 inches

Octane Turbo XL700 Curved Row of Two Seats

Big couches may not be an option for gamers with limited space in their gaming rooms. One and two-seaters offer almost the same level of comfort while taking up significantly less space.

Octane Turbo XL700’s seats are made of gel-infused memory foam cushions, allowing them to adjust to your posture. The gel part of the equation prevents you from overheating during intense in-game situations. Though there aren’t any side pockets, the Turbo XL700 makes up for it with its armrests that double as storage spaces. 

The couch can be reclined with a push of a button, and blue LED lights also surround it. These lights are mostly around the cup holders and under the chair, preventing you from hitting a toe, which tends to be one of the most common accidents in a household. A total of three USB charging ports are present at the sides of the Turbo XL700, turning into a hub for gaming, whether you’re a mobile, console, or PC gamer.

The estimated weight of the couch: 235 pounds

Estimated Size: 75 by 41.5 by 44 inches

Best Choice Products Modern Faux Leather Convertible Futon Sofa 

If gaming couches were a mountain, the first two featured couches on our list would be chilling at the summit. While going for the best would be ideal in most scenarios, sometimes taking a more simplistic route can be more suitable in terms of budgeting and complimenting your gaming room coloring scheme.

Best Choice Products’ Modern Convertible Sofa looks like it’s nothing special from a distance. The PU leather-covered couch can transition into three different positions, with one of them being a bed. The cup holder part of the sofa in the middle can also be used as an armrest/ a mini table. 

The couch has a maximum weight limit of 500 pounds, meaning it can easily support up to three people despite having two visible seats. Gamers interested in this couch will have three different color options: brown, black, and white.

The estimated weight of the couch: 61.7 pounds

Estimated size: 30.5 by 65.25 by 31 inches

Amazonbasics Adjustable Foam Floor Sofa

If you already have a couch set up in your gaming room and only looking for small expansions so your guests don’t end up gaming on your dining chairs, then floor sofas can be great alternatives.

Amazonbasics’ Adjustable Foam Floor Sofa is fully adjustable thanks to its metal frame, allowing it to turn into whatever shape you need it to be. The memory foam nature of the couch makes it extremely comfortable and provides excellent support for the body even though you’ll be sitting on the floor.

The two colors option, navy and grey, make it so that there’s an option for you regardless of your gaming room’s theme. The floor sofa comes pre-assembled, and it can easily be stored behind or under a normal-sized bed when not in use. This will let you save some space when you don’t need the sofa, and you’ll always be able to bring it out when your guests arrive with ease due to its lightweight.

The estimated weight of the couch: 24.5 pounds

Estimated size: 39 by 44 by 7 inches

BestMassage Sectional Sofa with Chaise and Pillows

Corner couches tend to offer the most amount of sitting space. The ones that come with detachable parts can also take different shapes, allowing them to turn into three-people couches or even a bed when desired.

BestMassage’s Sectional Sofa is made of PU leather. Its padding has a delicate balance between softness and being too firm, which can be better in terms of ergonomics. You’ll need to install this sofa yourself, however. The installation manual is quite thorough, and setting up the whole setup shouldn’t take any longer than 30 minutes. Though we didn’t have the chance to test it, BestMassage advertises the sofa as being water and splash-proof, meaning that you should be able to clean any spillage while avoiding any significant stains. We recommend acting quickly when something similar happens since even the most splash-proof surfaces can absorb some of the liquid they touch.

The estimated weight of the couch: 20 pounds

Estimated size: 30 by 20 by 10 inches

Chill Sack Bean Bag Couch

Bean bags require almost no introduction. They tend to be one of the most common furniture pieces in college dorms, mostly because of their price-for-performance ratio. The level of comfort and the amount of sitting space you’ll get with a quality bean bag is incomparable with any other chair option on our list.

Chill Sack’s bean bag chair comes in 26 different colors. From purple to lime, the color options will have you covered no matter the general theme of your room. In addition to increasing your guest capacity and providing a comfortable experience, bean bags can be perfect for anyone that enjoys sitting close to their TVs, which most gamers do even if they own a large gaming TV.

This bean bag chair is stuffed with shredded memory foam that both increases its durability and overall comfort.

The estimated weight of the couch: 46.9 

Estimated size: 60 by 60 by 34 inches

If you’re looking for a more gamer look, you can also consider purchasing a couple of gaming sofas, like Cougar Ranger. This method may not be suitable for living room setups, however, since gaming sofas don’t really blend with traditional decoration. For gamers with dedicated gaming rooms or anything similar, going with a couple of gaming sofas can help you host more comfortable gaming nights.

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