Hands-on: The Nintendo Switch Lite looks and feels just right as a mobile-only version of the console

It brings us back to the Game Boy days.

Image via Nintendo

Dot Esports recently tested the Nintendo Switch Lite at the Nintendo U.K. headquarters. And after our brief time with the console, we were able to get a general feel for it, see how it looked in comparison to the Nintendo Switch, and get a sense if it’s worth picking up.

Although we’d like to share pictures of the device, what it looks like in-depth, and shots from different angles, Nintendo didn’t allow photos of it this time around. In fact, we were unable to turn on the device itself and could only examine it turned off.

The Lite seems similar to the PlayStation Vita since both devices are incredibly small and lightweight. It feels like a console you could slip in and out of your pocket. It’s more like a handheld console than the original Switch model.

The Lite feels comfortable and natural to hold, almost as if it was designed to fit into your hands as perfectly as possible. My hands could easily push all of the buttons and analog sticks without any discomfort from long play sessions.

Each individual button feels squishy to touch but also incredibly sturdy when pressed. Its sturdiness feels a bit like the 2DS in the sense that the device will be very hard to break even if you accidentally drop it.

This makes it the perfect console to give children or for those who want a Nintendo Switch but aren’t willing to invest a lot of money into the system. Just remember, the console does have its shortcomings. A lot of games, like Super Mario Party, will require players to purchase official Joy-Con controllers to actually play the game. That said, it will probably be an excellent console for younger players.

It’s also nice to see the return of an actual D-Pad since it was sorely missing from the original Switch model. Having a D-Pad on the Lite almost justifies the console’s existence and price on its own.