Graphics Card prices fall by 25%, but they’re still over MSRP

Light at the end of the tunnel?

Nvidia RTX 3080 GPU
Image: Nvidia

Graphics card prices continue to fall and have hit a 15-month low in Europe. The data comes from Germany and Austria, where Intel and AMD GPUs dropped in price, and it should be relevant for other markets around the world.

It’s no secret that GPUs have been selling for astronomical figures in the last couple of years, with some hitting over 200 percent over MSRP. GPU pricing from the red and green teams has settled down with both companies down to 25 percent over MSRP, according to a graph from 3dcenter.

The graph tracks the GPU pricing since mid-January 2021 and includes data for the current-gen AMD Radeon RX 6000 Series and Nvidia GeForce 30 Series. At the beginning of last year, AMD cards were around 42 percent over MSRP and peaked in May 2021 at 128 percent when supply was at its lowest. Nvidia fared better, starting at approximately 34 percent over MSRP and peaking at 116 percent over MSRP during the same period.

Pricing is based on supply and demand, and as more stock became available in 2022, the prices from both companies started falling. While there have been fluctuations with Nvidia and AMD cards having higher prices as the year progressed, things have settled down, and GPUS from both brands are now equal at 25 percent over MSRP.

The good news for consumers is that pricing is expected to come down even further, with Asus reportedly reducing the pricing on its Nvidia graphics cards by 25 percent in April. If it happens, buyers might get to pay the actual MSRP for GPUs instead of putting up with the inflated pricing that’s gone on for the last two years.