GPU prices may be returning to normal in March 2022

There may be an end in sight for artificially high GPU prices.

Image by NVIDIA

The GPU market has continued its rocky trajectory for quite a while now, with chip shortages expected to continue until at least 2023. There has been hope that Intel’s new Arc GPU line will alleviate some of the pressure manufacturers that consumers have been under, but its release remains several months away.

Despite these ongoing issues, hardware tipster @Greymon55 has revealed that there may be some light at the end of the tunnel with a vague indication that things may improve as soon as next month.

While there are few details, it’s possible that NVIDIA and AMD have been ramping up to compete with Intel’s upcoming GPU line. NVIDIA recently abandoned their Arm acquisition after regulators stepped in, which means they may have re-allocated some resources to the struggling GPU market. They’ve also seemingly delayed their upcoming GeForce RTX 3090, although details remain sparse. Meanwhile AMD seems to be doing well as they continue to rake in record-breaking profits.

With any luck Greymon55’s tweet indicates that soon consumers can avoid ridiculous retailer practices and return to near normalcy when it comes to GPU shopping. Greymon55 has a solid reputation when it comes to predicting the hardware market, and seems to have a track record of insider knowledge as far as release dates for upcoming products.