GOG predictably skipping out on Steam Deck support

No surprise here.

steam deck vs aya neo next specs
Image via Steam

Valve’s Steam Deck launch library looks healthy enough unless you main GOG as your platform.

CD Projekt-owned GOG informed Steam Deck users on Twitter that it will not be providing official support. The news came in a reply to YouTuber Metal Jesus Rocks who will be reviewing the Steam Deck at launch. Instead of bringing support to Valve’s new venture, GOG will be banking on the open architecture of the Steam Deck. In lieu of ensuring compatibility with the Steam Deck, GOG suggests downloading Windows to the handheld.

While a storefront like GOG not supporting Steam makes sense on paper, the response was criticized by some. GOG users were quick to note that changing the OS of the Steam Deck may not be the best advice to give without a guide. Some outlets have reported that running Windows on Steam Deck isn’t the ideal way to use the upcoming handheld and would result in a worse experience.

In another reply to GOG’s tweet, one user brought up Lutris, which is a Linux-based launcher that allows players to access their game libraries on Steam, Epic, GOG, and Humble Bundle. There’s no guarantee that Lutris will work on the Steam Deck at launch, but it’s a better bet to attempt getting it running before scrapping the Steam OS right off the rip. The likelihood that Lutris will eventually be compatible if it is not supported at launch seems high considering it’s already Linux-based and the demand clearly exists.

The Steam Deck launches on Feb. 25 and begins shipping on Feb. 28 for first-round reservation holders. Early adopters who use Steam as their primary library can expect somewhere around 726 compatible titles with 399 being tagged as Verified and 327 designated as Playable.