Glorious PC Gaming Race to launch Finalmouse Ninja Air58 competitor

A new challenger approaches.

Screengrab via Glorious PC Gaming Race

Finalmouse’s Ninja Air58 was unlike every other mouse on the market—until now. Glorious PC Gaming Race revealed the domestic and international release dates for its answer to the Ninja Air58.

Glorious will publicly launch the Model O on May 18 at 11am CT in the U.S. Those who pre-ordered it will have their orders finalized on May 13. International retailers and distributors will be able to stock the Model O around mid-May, according to Glorious.

The peripheral company has previously said that it’s committed to keeping the Model O in stock and accessible to consumers—no doubt a jab at Finalmouse’s stocking debacle. It seems the company is keen on challenging Finalmouse at every turn.

The Model O ships with four options and RGB. Consumers can choose from matte black, gloss black, matte white, and gloss white. Gloss finishes have recently been popularized by the Zowie S1 and S2 Divina.

The Glorious Model O bears a striking resemblance to the Ninja Air58 in some not-so-subtle ways. Those familiar with Finalmouse’s wildly-popular mouse will no doubt recognize the geometric hollow design of the Model O. The mouse comes in at 68 grams for the gloss finish and 67 grams for the matte finish, while the Ninja Air58 weighs 58 grams.

By adding more options, RGB, and goodwill when it comes to stock, Glorious has already set the mouse apart from the Ninja Air58 in some big ways. All fans need to do now is get their hands on one and see how it performs.