Geoff Keighley went hands-on with the PS5’s DualSense controller—and it looks awesome

Keighley was impressed.

Image via PlayStation

The Game Awards’ producer and journalist Geoff Keighley was one of the first people to post a hands-on video with the PlayStation 5’s controller, DualSense, today.

Keighley played with the controller for a few hours and explained what sets it apart from the DualShock 4, including the adaptive triggers that contain tension points dependent on gameplay.

The haptics are a key for the DualSense and Keighley said they “add another layer” to the experience. He said the controller is able to vibrate according to different textures in the game, like sand and ice.

Compared to the DualShock 4, Keighley said the DualSense weighs a little bit more and “has a little more heft to it in a good way, that it feels more structured.”

Keighley then played a demo of the PS5’s Astro’s Playroom, a game that comes preinstalled with the consoles and is built to show off the new features of the controller.

“The controller is the most intimate part of the experience, it’s an extension of the player,” said Eric Lempel, PlayStation’s head of marketing, who joined Keighley for an interview at the end of the video.

The DualSense will be the standard controller for the PS5 when it releases some time this holiday season.