GameStop to sell PS5 bundles in-store tomorrow—with a catch

Get your standing-in-line shoes ready.

Image via Sony
Image via Sony

The hunt is still on for many would-be PlayStation 5 owners. And with the holidays fast approaching, the pressure is on, too. But GameStop is prepping for an in-store event to sell an unspecified number of PlayStation 5 bundles just before the holiday-shopping buzzer.

Saying it’s difficult to walk into a store and exit with a PS5 would be one of the biggest understatements of the year as far as gaming is concerned. Tomorrow, Dec. 17, many PS5 seekers may be able to beat the odds and walk out of a participating GameStop with a shiny new console in their hands to be the holiday hero. There’s no discount on the bundles and availability remains as murky as ever.

The big catch is that buyers need to be a PowerUp Pro Rewards Pro member to purchase a PS5 console. Membership costs $14.99 but can be discounted in the cart to $9.99 with an automatically-applied promotional discount, according to GameStop’s official site. If you’ve been waiting for a shot at a PS5, the small investment might be worth the risk.

Buyers can check to see if their local GameStop is one of the many participating locations by consulting GameStop’s store locator tool. PS5s are currently listed between $359.99 to $459.99, depending on whether it’s a Digital Edition.