Gameboy, Gameboy Color games rumored to be coming to Nintendo Switch Online in new update

Nothing has been confirmed by Nintendo as of yet.

Image via Nintendo

Given its handheld capabilities, Nintendo gamers have been asking for Game Boy emulators on the Switch since its release. And according to new reports, this feature could be coming very soon.

Nintendo Switch Online previously included a Nintendo Entertainment System emulator for subscribers, but according to Nintendo insider NateDrake, the service’s upcoming update will offer customers both Gameboy and Gameboy Color emulators sometime in the next few weeks.

This claim was echoed within a report by Nintendo Life who confirmed the additions would likely be coming “really soon.”

The first indication of these features was found within the code for the Nintendo Online Customer NES app. Inside the code, dataminers were able to identify four different classic consoles, with two active being the NES and the SNES, but the final two weren’t identified.

Sadly, this doesn’t look positive for those holding out for a GameBoy Advance emulator, and as Nintendo Life explains in its report, according to its source, this is unlikely given that plenty of studios are currently at work remastering games from this device.

Right now, Nintendo hasn’t shared any plans to offer emulation for these vintage devices on the Nintendo Switch console. Fans will need to remain hopeful they come to fruition so they can relive all the classic titles these two devices had to offer.