First major PlayStation 5 update set to bring new storage and social features

There's a lot to unpack.

Screengrab via PlayStation

The PlayStation 5 console is set to receive its first major update since its launch last November and it will include some big changes for game storage.

In a blog post, PlayStation detailed the changes with the largest being the addition of USB storage support for PS5 games. 

This feature that wasn’t previously available will allow users to save some internal storage space by moving games to a USB drive.

Although you can now store on a USB due to the PS5 using its internal SSD to play games, you won’t be able to boot up from the USB. Instead, you’ll need to copy your files back onto the internal SSD.

The update will also include some new social features for players on both PS4 and PS5. Cross-generation screen sharing will now be available, giving PS5 users the ability to broadcast their screens to users on PS4.

The ability to request to join a session is now available for PS4 and PS5 users too, giving you a faster method to get into games with friends regardless of their device.

There are a series of user-interface features in this update that will help with the console’s quality of life, the biggest being pre-downloading updates for games while the PS5 is in rest mode.

This feature will allow you to get straight into the latest version of your installed games as soon as you’re ready to game. 

A full list of what’s coming in this update is available on PlayStation’s blog page. The update will be available to users globally on April 14.