Fans are already getting their hands on the Xbox Series X a month before launch

Everyone else has to wait a few more weeks.

Image via Xbox

The Xbox Series X release is just around the corner and thousands of fans are excited to get their hands on the new console. Some lucky people have already managed to receive a new console, however, while some retailers appear to have received their first shipment of consoles.

Industry insider Nibellion shared a Reddit post on Twitter earlier today that shows several Xbox Series X consoles in a warehouse ready to be shipped or sold. It’s unclear what retailer these consoles belong to, but there appear to be several palettes of the new consoles. 

Some fans have been able to take an Xbox Series X home and even posted a full unboxing video on YouTube. The video shows what’s included in the box and how each item is carefully wrapped. It’s unclear how this person was able to get a console almost a month before release or if Microsoft approves of this. 

Some players have pointed out that the retail box still includes Master Chief on the cover despite Halo Infinite no longer being a launch title. The game has been delayed until 2021, but Master Chief is still an iconic character that many associate with the Xbox consoles. 

Fans will have to wait until Nov. 10 to get their own Xbox Series X if they were lucky enough to secure a pre-order. Those still looking for a console will likely be able to find one throughout the rest of the year since Microsoft confirmed more will be available at launch.