Fan-made Nintendo Switch UI redesign provides premium Apple-inspired look

The mockup boasts many features fans have been asking for since the Switch's launch.

Image via Nintendo

The Nintendo Switch has had a familiar interface since its release, with some slight changes to optimize its usability. This has led to many fans asking for new custom UI options.

Thanks to one designer, we now have a look at a unique concept that would be perfect for the Switch making the console’s interface feel more like Apple’s iOS, while adding a bunch of features fans have been requesting for years.

Reddit user Porcorusseauu shared his design to Reddit, which boasts a familiar bubble-shaped UI and the addition of a file system. Fans have been requesting a way to sort games and applications into folders for years, although Nintendo has shown no interest in adding the feature.

The design mockup looks sleek and premium with its transparent menus and curved edges and even brings with it another customization option, the ability to change the backdrop color. This again would be to the delight of fans who have been asking for not only custom background but also the ability to add an image instead.

Unfortunately, there is no way to try this redesign for yourself, as it isn’t functional nor does Nintendo allow custom UI designs. Hopefully, one day we’ll see Nintendo introduce some of these features to the current Switch interface.