EVGA’s stolen RTX 30 series GPUs reportedly surface in Vietnam

The missing shipment turns up a world away.

rtx 3080
Screengrab via Nvidia

A truckload of stolen EVGA 30 series graphics cards has appeared in Vietnam, according to a report by VideoCardz. In October, a truck carrying a range of EVGA GPUs from RTX 3060s to RTX 3090s was intercepted on its way from a San Francisco distribution center to a Southern California one.

After nearly four months of being missing, the stolen haul of EVGA graphics cards was outed by a Facebook user who purchased a couple of EVGA 3080 Ti GPUs from a larger Vietnamese retailer. The buyer became aware that their GPU was stolen after attempting to register the card for warranty claims, at which point the EVGA site indicated that the purchased cards were from the shipment that was stolen in October, according to VideoCardz.

Considering what a bonkers early days of The Fast and the Furious plot this has been, it tracks for things to wind down strangely on the other side of the globe. Making a truckload of EVGA GPUs disappear and reappear on the other side of the world is no small feat. It’s easy to speculate that there’s a well-oiled machine behind the theft, especially after VideoCardz also points out that the same retailer appeared in the business of building crypto mining rigs.

EVGA notes the shipment of 30 series graphics cards as carrying items ranging from $329.99 to $1,959.99 MSRP a piece. With such a large haul of rare GPUs, it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility to see EVGA pursue the retailer. Although it could be a potential loss for those who purchased one of the illegally sourced cards if EVGA attempts to lay down the law and goes looking for its property.

With graphics cards already being rare, events like this only further the issue. Aside from chip shortages and wildly brazen MSRP markups, the last thing anyone needs is for availability to get dinged by thieves. With any luck, things will shift with the RTX 3050 and RTX 3090 Ti, but it’s unwise to hold your breath.