Everything we know about the rumored Nintendo Switch Pro: Leaks, speculation, and more

It might not even be called the Switch pro, but this new model is rumored to carry a lot of upgrades.

Photo via Nintendo

Details about a new version of the Nintendo Switch have been popping up over the last several months, with the latest report now listing several of the components that could be featured inside the upgraded machine. 

Bloomberg first reported that the new Switch model would be using a new Nvidia system-on-chip GPU that will support deep learning super sampling (DLSS) or image upscaling technology.

With this chip and DLSS, Nintendo will be able to offer higher frame rates and resolutions on the Switch. The use of an AI will produce high-quality images and lessen the graphical load, thus not overtaxing the hybrid system’s GPU. All of this could potentially allow the new Switch to facilitate 4K upscaling when docked, corroborating previous reports that support would be added with the new console.

However, no report has specified if the new GPU will allow for native 4K or if the console will upscale to 4K from lower resolutions. We also don’t know if the dock for this new model will take on the task of processing the footage and pumping out 4K visuals, or if the Switch dock will also be upgraded.

The system will also have a better CPU to power the device and more native memory to allow players to store more games or other files without the need for an SD card. Earlier reports already noted that the upgraded model would possibly include a 7-inch OLED screen with 720p resolution to provide a better look in handheld mode. 

Bloomberg’s report says that analysts are predicting the new console to release with a $399 price tag. Other experts have pushed back on this, saying that many of the changes being made might not heavily impact the price. 

Daniel Ahmad, senior analyst at Niko Partners, pointed to DLSS as being very cost-efficient. Ahmad, as well as Mat Piscatella, executive director and video game advisor for the NPD group, noted that a price hike would be “weird.” It’s possible that Nintendo could run into hurdles like supply chain issues, or the company could have outright decided to up the cost.

To tie it all up, the newest report puts the updated Switch at a late 2021 release. If the Switch Lite’s release in 2019 is anything to go by, September is a likely bet to keep the new device in the summer timeline ahead of the holiday season. 

Here are all the changes that have been reported to be included within the upgraded version of the Switch.

  • 7-inch OLED screen with 720p resolution
  • New Nvidia system-on-chip GPU w/ DLSS
  • Potential 4K upscaling when docked
  • Better CPU 
  • Increased memory
  • Overall enhanced performance
  • Late 2021 release
  • Rumored $399 price point

None of this information has been confirmed by Nintendo, so we won’t actually know the full specs of a new Switch model until it is officially revealed and more information is shared with the public.