Epic says the PS5 is a “masterpiece of systems design”

The hype continues to build.

Image via Sony

Epic Games has more words of praise for the PlayStation 5, according to an interview in the Official PlayStation Magazine and republished by GamesRadar.

While talking with OPM, Epic’s VP of engineering Nick Penwarden hyped up the PS5’s tech for its potential in game development.

“The PlayStation 5 is a masterpiece of systems design,” Penwarden said. “Not only is it driving a huge leap in computing and graphics performance, but it is also revolutionary in terms of storage and data compression technology, unlocking new kinds of games and experiences for players to enjoy.”

Penwarden had hands-on experience with the PS5 when he helped with making the company’s tech demo on the new console, which the team revealed in its Unreal Engine 5 announcement.

This type of praise should come as no shock, considering Epic also said it had to rewrite parts of Unreal Engine 5 to keep up with the PS5’s hyped-up SSD.

“Next-gen graphics and processing power will not only make games more immersive, but will also enable entirely new gameplay concepts that can take advantage of fully dynamic environments and lighting, much improved physics, smarter AI, and richer multiplayer experiences,” said Epic Games CTO Kim Libreri.

The PS5 is due to launch some time this holiday season.