The Epic Games Store is draining laptop batteries


Image via Epic Games

Running out of juice? Epic Games could be to blame.

Using the Epic Games Store with your laptop unplugged, or running it in the background while you play games like Fortnite, could be taking a toll on your battery life, PCWorld has found in a recent test.

If you’re using certain laptops or tablets which use Intel’s latest Tiger Lake CPU, your battery could be depleted as much as 20 percent faster by simply having Epic’s store open in the background.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 7+ tablet’s battery life drained 20 percent faster by having the Epic store open, while the Surface Laptop 3 drained eight percent quicker. Similar tests were performed on Valve’s Steam but had proportionately little effect on battery life. 

In response to PCWorld’s findings, Epic released a statement. “In general, we are actively working to improve the performance and reduce the power consumption of our launcher,” the developer said. 

It remains to be seen if Epic or Intel will provide a quick fix for the problem but in the meantime, it’s better to be safe than sorry and stay within close proximity of an outlet.