Elgato releases Stream Deck Pedal for hands-free utility

Elgato expands its streaming lineup.

Photo via Elgato

Already boasting a host of stream-friendly tools to help streamers perform their best, Elgato is expanding its product line to offer additional functionality with the Stream Deck Pedal.

The Stream Deck Pedal is more or less what it sounds like—a pedal to help with streaming. While the pitch is simple enough, the Stream Deck Pedal aims to offer users functionality both in and out of stream. The baked-in programmability makes the Stream Deck versatile across apps like Discord, editing software, keybinds in various games, and presentation software.

Image via Elgato

Elgato’s pedal is segmented into three buttons: left, right, and center. Each button can be programmed with a specific function. If you’re using it for gaming, you can program the left and right to shoulder lean in compatible titles. If you want your hands in the game but the Discord chat to feel fluid, a tap of the Stream Deck Pedal can make that happen with ease. There are plenty of possible applications for the pedal depending on what you stream and how you stream it.

Image via Elgato

While Elgato’s Stream Deck Pedal isn’t a unique idea, it’s still encouraging to get a foot pedal option from a reputable brand. There are plenty of junk pedals kicking around Amazon and many are flimsy with limited functionality. Having an option on the market by a trusted brand in the streaming space should provide some comfort for streamers looking for new ways to improve their broadcast.

As Elgato continues to expand its lineup of streaming gear, the incentive to go all-in on a fully Elgato ecosystem grows for serious streamers. Pairing a Stream Deck Pedal with the existing Stream Deck Mk.2 presents a ton of on-the-fly utility that may come in handy for a select audience.

The Stream Deck Pedal uses interchangeable springs to adjust the pedal tension and a USB-C connection for easy connectivity. These are two nifty features that add some flexibility to the Stream Deck Pedal, but they don’t go a long way in justifying the $89.99 price tag.

No matter how you cut it, $89.99 is a good grip of cash for a foot pedal. Considering the wealth of functionality users get from a $149.99 Stream Deck Mk.2, the price-to-performance ratio on the pedal doesn’t quite hit the mark. This is an accessory for those who truly need the additional utility.

The Elgato Stream Deck Pedal is available now through the Elgato store.