Elgato makes high-quality streaming easier with its camera adapter and green screen

The cam link will make it easy for streamers to attach professional-grade cameras to film their broadcasts.

Photo via Elgato Gaming

Elgato is releasing a line of video production tools that will help streamers take their production values to the next level.

The Cam Link and Green Screen are two new products available separately or together come Aug. 18 for $129 and $149, respectively. Designed to help content creators connect professional grade cameras to the computer, the Cam Link reads any high-end camera input as a webcam so it’s easily used with capture software.

Elgato’s green screen is portable and easy to set up, making it a good option for on-camera background removal.

“A high-quality camera is a critical upgrade to any creator’s setup, but often comes at the cost of a complicated and cumbersome video workflow,” said Julian Fest, general manager of Elgato Gaming, in a statement.

“The arrival of Cam Link and Green Screen will kick off a new era of higher-quality visuals on YouTube, Twitch, and other platforms. These products will help content creators stand out by allowing them to experiment with creative production elements like chroma keying, wide angle and closeup shots, depth of field, and more.”

The Cam Link offers real-time feedback, so streamers can view their footage as they shoot, without delay. It’s got “ultra-low latency technology” for streaming in 1080p60. But most importantly, it’s simple. Memory cards aren’t important anymore, as content is stored directly on the computer’s hard drive.

Both will be available on the Elgato website starting on Aug. 18.