Doom Eternal’s BFG is now an Nvidia 3080 gaming PC

As much form as it is function.

Photo by Mark's Fabrication

If you’ve ever played a Doom game then you’ve likely encountered the BFG. One of the most iconic guns in the franchise, the BFG has been in every Doom game to date and has been referenced by countless other games.

In a recent episode of NVIDIA’s YouTube series GeForce Garage, the hosts highlighted a stunning BFG 10000 custom PC build out of Mark’s Fabrication in Taiwan.

Mark Celica previously competed in the Cooler Master Case Mod World series 2018 and won second place in the Scratch Build category for the mixed media custom case seen below.

Image via Cooler Master

Mark’s most recent case is modeled after the BFG10000 from Doom Eternal, and it takes things to the next level with built-in laser effects and even hydraulics that lift the turret. Under the hood, the BFG10000 has an RTX 3080, Intel i7-10700K, ASRock Z490 motherboard, and 16GB of RAM. At the end of the turret’s barrels are two case fans, making ingenious use of the natural design shape to form a part of the cooling system. In the video, Mark states that if he had time to further improve the design he would focus on perfecting the lighting effects and lift system.

Mark has a video with more close-ups of this case mod on his own YouTube channel found below.